Google Plus for your local market

Are you looking to reach more local customers?  Is Google too large for reaching the client next door?  Maybe Google + Local is what you need.

There are many strategies out there on how to get your website ahead of everyone else's.  Some solutions can run ten of thousands of dollars and still make no promises.  There are a few things that can be done that can make you look like you've spent a ton of money on your site, but it will just take a little bit of work on your end.  

When it comes to Google+ Local you will need to fill out a form with your information.  I know this seems simple, but make sure your information is 100% complete and accurate.  While filling out the form, it will keep your progress tracked and will let you know once you are all done.  

A couple of tips of what not to do:

In their website, they will provide an address and phone number.  Do not use this.  Don't use anything that includes their domain. In the company field, use the keyword they provide.  Make sure you use all the categories.  Also, use as many of the images and videos you can provide.  It will only help. This is also a good time to provide any sales discounts or offers for your online customers.  

People need to know where you are at.  To show exactly where your business is, use a KML file (Keyhole Markup language) file.  This is a file that displays your business location on Google Maps.  You can add images and other text to make it look like it's yours.  Own it!  Not all sites have this, so set your company apart.

Next part will be to get reviews from your customers.  No fake reviews, just real honest good reviews.  Not only will this make your company look better, but it will help Google determine what type of company you are and what product and services your provide.  

If you can get your company name and/or information on other local websites, it will help tremendously.  This is called Citation.  Review sites, local listings, and directories will all help in optimizing your website.  The earlier you can do this, even before your site is up, the better it will be.  Don't forget Google Places and Maps!  Just make sure everything matches.

These are just a few things that can easily be done, yet helping your website's local presence in a big way.  Good luck Optimizing!

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